This Is Where Aerosmith Got The Title For "Walk This Way"

Believe it or not, the title for Aerosmith's song "Walk This Way" was inspired by a famous line in Mel Brooks's classic comedy Young Frankenstein.

It's the scene where Marty Feldman, who plays Igor in the movie, says to Gene Wilder's character "walk this way" and then shuffles off with a pronounced limp, with Wilder hilariously limping behind him.

Apparently the boys in Aerosmith were taking a break from recording in early 1975 and went to see this movie, while Steven Tyler stayed behind in the studio to work on lyrics. When they returned from watching the film, Steven was stumped and having a tough time finishing the tune.

To break the logjam, producer Jack Douglas suggested they call it "Walk This Way" from the famous scene in the movie. Now, were the boys in the band enjoying any other substances when they cooked up this idea? Who knows...In any case, click on this article or the image below to see the full story on how they wrote and recorded this classic.

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