Why ZZ Top's "Tush" Is Not What You Think

We always assumed the great ZZ Top song "Tush" was an appreciation of the ladies, an homage to the derriere, written in reverence for the rear. But it turns out "tush" is a Southern expression that means plush, or deluxe. In the article below, Billy Gibbons talks about the origins of the song, which was written before a rodeo show in Florence, Alabama in the mid-'70s. 

By the way, how many great songs have been written at sound check? "Tush" is another example of a classic song that ZZ cooked up in a few minutes after Billy G. started playing that riff. Learn all about it, plus other ZZ Top tunes, by clicking the image below or this link.

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  • Billy Grossman
    Billy Grossman Cleveland Oh
    A Tush can be delux/plush

    A Tush can be delux/plush

  • Ron Teske
    Ron Teske Gallup, New Mexico
    I am and always have been a huge fan of ZZ Top.

    I am and always have been a huge fan of ZZ Top.

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