Frank Zappa Was Not Your Average Guitar Hero

Most people know Frank Zappa for his sardonic songs and genre-busting compositions. But what many don't fully appreciate is his guitar mastery.

FZ wasn't your typical guitar hero. Rather than burning through the typical pentatonic scales, Zappa's solos featured the…Read more

5 Prince Songs That Were Hits for Women Artists

It's devastating news that Prince is gone. Another genius taken too soon.

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Tribute to George Martin, the Fifth Beatle

It's hard to overstate the importance of George Martin's contribution to the Beatles.

In addition to producing all their records, he arranged all their strings, horns and other orchestrations. He played an instrument on nearly 20% of their records. And…Read more

When David Bowie Went to Philly to Make "Young Americans"

How many bands and artists have traveled to out-of-the-way studios in sometimes remote locations in search of a particular sound?

The most famous example is Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Many great bands and songwriters -- from Aretha Franklin to the Rolling…Read more