Tribute to Glenn Frey the Songwriter

We're huge Eagles fans here at Gooseneck HQ, and especially fans of Glenn Frey. He played many roles in the Eagles -- singer, guitar player, ringleader. But probably the greatest role he played was songwriter. 

He wasn't the greatest singer…Read more

Cool Stories Behind New Beatles Videos

What were the first music videos? "Promos" made by the Beatles nearly fifty years ago.

No one's probably more surprised than the remaining Beatles that these early videos -- material they thought was basically disposable -- would not only still… Read more

Why ZZ Top's "Tush" Is Not What You Think

We always assumed the great ZZ Top song "Tush" was an appreciation of the ladies, an homage to the derriere, written in reverence for the rear. But it turns out "tush" is a Southern expression that means plush,…Read more

Making a "Hot" Summer Song, Part 2

Don't bore us, get to the chorus.

Those are words to live by when it comes to summer music. A good summer song has to have a catchy hook. It's gotta make you want to sing along in the…Read more

Making A "Hot" Summer Song, Part 1

Hot town, summer in the city. Ain't that the truth this year, with heat waves and record temperatures scorching the country, from Seattle to Savannah.

When it's summer, you want to hear that slinky, sticky, sizzling music. Whether it's…

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