Brought together by a shared love of old school funk, soul, and R&B, Gooseneck formed to write and record the kind of songs that inspired them to pick up instruments in the first place. The band is fronted by T.J. Wilkins from The Voice, and backed by some of the most in-demand musicians in Los Angeles.  Gooseneck draws on influences ranging from the melodic sensibilities of Stevie Wonder to the harmonic richness of Steely Dan and the hot horn arrangements of Tower of Power.


V IS For Victory
performed by 

T.J. Wilkins - Vocals 
Cam Tyler - Drums 
Will McKenna - Bass  
Chip Smith - Wurli 
John Notto - Guitar
Mike Stever - Trumpet
Tim McKay - Sax
Dominique Xavier Taplin - Organ, Clav, Synth
Mike Green - Guitar
Neal Daniels - Drums