Steely Dan: More Than Just A Band

Like all you Steely Dan fans out there, we're always looking for new material about the Dan, especially the behind-the-scenes stories about how they crafted their amazing albums.

We found this great Steely Dan video and wanted to share…

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Tower of Power: 50 Years and 25 Records

Tower of Power recently added a tagline to their posters and their website that says "Established 1968." We love that! And indeed it has been a glorious 50-year run for the sanctified soul stalwarts from Oakland. 

TOP is…

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Eric Clapton's "Life In 12 Bars"

From Gooseneck HQ, we like to bring you recommendations for our favorite new stories and great movies about music. 

If you're an Eric Clapton fan, then you've got to check out this documentary about his amazing story and career, …

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When Tom Petty and Bob Dylan Joined Forces

Those of us who were around back in 1986 had the opportunity to see an amazing combination: Bob Dylan with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers as his backing band.

At the time, Dylan was at a low point in…

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Tower Of Power's 50th Anniversary

Call this story, "When Emilio met Doc."

It was the summer of 1968 when Emilio Castillio met Stephen "Doc" Kupka at an audition at Emilio's house. After hearing Doc's amazing baritone sax work, Emilio's father turned to his son…

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Steely Dan on VH1 "Storytellers"

How did we miss this?!

Never knew Steely Dan did a VH1 "Storytellers" episode back in 2000.

Recently found this gem on YouTube. Donald and Walter and their band of ace musicians talking about and then playing…

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