Peter Gabriel's "So" Still Sounds So Amazing

It's been 30 years since Peter Gabriel released So, and it still sounds amazing and contemporary today.

From the epic opening of "Red Rain" to the tongue-in-cheek "Sledgehammer" (remember the video?) the record still feels like something that could be released today. 

We ran across this great behind-the-scenes video about how they made the record. Peter Gabriel is the kind of artist who works in layers, building each song up through many experiments and iterations.

It was cool to hear how many versions these songs went through before becoming the record we know and love. Check out these early versions of "Sledgehammer" and other songs:

Also there's an amazing DVD on the making of So

One of our favorite stories on the DVD comes from producer Daniel Lanois. Apparently, Peter Gabriel takes a long time to finish his lyrics, working on them until he feels they're perfect. But Lanois and the other musicians were frustrated by how long it was taking. 

So one day while Peter was writing, they locked him in the shed and had lunch without him. Suffice to say, he finished the rest of the lyrics more quickly after that.

It's well worth watching. You can find a copy of this great DVD at this link.

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