1. Ricochet

From the recording Wild Goose Chase



never seen you look so great
you lost all the breakup weight
getting back into the game
make him jealous, make him pay
for the big mistake he made
when he let you get away
there's a role that I can play
if you use me in that way

you've got to bounce back when you're down
and I'll catch you on the rebound
you've got to call me when you're ready to play
I'm your ricochet, I'm your ricochet

stepping out in Bryant Park
you're lighting up the dark
for the whole world to see
when revenge is all you need
enough to make him bleed
then give the knife to me
that's the role that I can play
when you use me in that way


I'll be the handyman
for your broken heart
because I understand
how to play my part
until you see me
in a different light
I'm temporarily Mr. Right

chorus x2