1. Cut Me Loose

From the recording Wild Goose Chase


Cut Me Loose

if your man is staying out too late
and his alibis don't validate
if he's too wild to domesticate
it's no use, no use
give him all the rope he's looking for
put the leash away and lock the door
I know how to end this tug-of-war
and call a truce, call a truce

cut me loose, set me free
and throw away the key
cut me loose, say goodbye
the goose is ready to fly
cut me loose, can't you see
it's not you baby it's me
untie my noose
and cut me loose

two can play that game of hide-and-seek
it's my turn for a winning streak
book a flight down to Martinique
and vamoose, vamoose


if I'm out of touch and hard to reach
there's no reception on this sunny beach
you're the old dog I couldn't teach
something new, something new